Post 5.1 destro grim?

Have always used grim of sac. But with the effect to cb pretty much gone, is the first grim better? Talking pvp wise. Seems like it could be useful to have an observer against say a Mage rather than take a dot and a little more damage from the other affected spells. Haven't tried it out though so feedback appreciated from those who have tested both.
Grim of Sac is still by far the way to go. The CB nerf is minimal... have a dot hit for 20K+ every second for 3 seconds is not much worse (and was needed).

If your fighting a mage 1v1 in particular, its ALWAYS better to have a pet out, but you don't need the observer. Run around with a felhunter sac'd. If you find yourself in a 1v1 with a mage, simplty use flames of Xoroth (sorry if I mispelled) and instantly summon your felhunter. Steal his ice barrier, silence his deep freeze, kill him and re-sac your pet and move on.
If you are taking GoSac, Never ignore Flames of Xoth.

Instantly reviving that pet can actually change a fight in your favor.

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