LFM Alt 10m Runs

My guild is focused on 25's and many of them do not wish to get burnt out running an alt 10's, because of this I am trying to find people here on the forums. We currently have 2 set tanks, 1 war dps, and 1 ele sham with resto os. We are looking to fill rest with people who:

- Are dependable/consistent
- Have experience/knowledge of the content being cleared
- Access to vent and a working mic
- Able to take constructive criticism (!@#$ talk)
- Gear gemmed and enchanted ready to go
- Flasks and personal food buffs with them including Pots

Trying to push for Friday and Saturday times are currently up in the air till we have enough then we can all talk about it. In no way am I trying to get you to leave your guild just looking for a set group to progress through that way we can gear up quicker and what not. If you are interested you can reach me here on the forums or you can mail me in game.

My 10m just recently broke up for the holidays, and I'm not sure if they will be reforming afterwards. Before collapse we were 3/6 HoF, 3/4 ToES, and attempting heroic Stone Guards. I'm DW frost with a 487 iLvL. Send me an in-game mail if you think I might be a good addition to the team.
I'd be interested at healing..however, one question I have is : what would be your ilv requirement?
I would like to go on this guy. I can even change guilds if required. I only hit 90 on him last week and should have my Ilevel above 470 this week. Disc is what I would like to come as.
I have a spriest that I'd like to find a regular alt run with.

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