Return can record sound now - and Bailamos

Emerald Dream
So I got a bit more ram, and fraps isn't choking now when I record with sound.

This is beautiful for multiple reasons, like Return being on alleged #1 RBG leader Bailamos' live stream and ganking him - now you get to hear the cries of panic associated with the gank.

There's about a 10 second delay on the stream sound, so take that into account when listening...but check out the vanish on top of the flare - it's magic.
lol nice
well done
=[ did you die at the end, or pull of some return magic and live? :X
This pleases me greatly.
NOW we're getting somewhere, Return. Killing the biggest dbag in the game Bailamos is better than killing some random scrub by a factor of like a million. And to be able to FRAPS his whining- masterful.

Farm this dbag mercilessly.

Btw, I assume you have a friend helping you jump to the area he's zoned into for RBGs- he's usually not "on" ED even though his toon is.
i cannot wait

to party with you
Bailamos' perspective, about 1:57 in:
"He flagged you"


He does kind of squeal a lot doesn't he.
Why could you not record audio before? I've tried frapsing but my card can't handle panda land and wpvp with frapsing at the same time. It cuts the fps in half. So about 10 fps in heavy combat.

But, recording audio was never an issue. 4 gigs ram.
"There was a mage there"
12/08/2012 08:00 AMPosted by Lunaclaw
"There was a mage there"

((Loved this video, twas great justice served. :D))
12/08/2012 08:00 AMPosted by Lunaclaw
"There was a mage there"

I had to go back and watch it again. Lol.
He sounds more female than me.
12/08/2012 02:09 AMPosted by Mohawkrock
=[ did you die at the end, or pull of some return magic and live? :X

Pulled my glider out right there at the end of my clip...fraps cut off due to hard drive space, which was so lame, because he freaks out right there. By the time I landed and headed back to him the queue had popped for his RBG.

Bailamos' perspective, about 1:57 in:

Perfect....the part where he dies again is hilarious if you keep listening, because he has NO idea what a shell is. From his perspective, he just sees this red, rocket propelled death machine fly past a shoot him again when he falls off the mountain.

I actually just found a random from Tich who I added to battle tag and I had invite me a second later, but yeah, he was phased over there to Tich.
I need to start frapsing my shenanigans.

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