[A] <E X I L E>|10m | 6/6 MV | 4/6 HoF xrealm

<E X I L E> is looking for dedicated, committed raiders looking for a stable guild to raid with in MoP. We are recruiting for two groups that raid 7:20-11:00PM server time (optional farm runs on Sunday and Monday). The application process is on our website where you will be asked to provide information such as previous HM experience, reason for applying, etc. Our needs are outlined below.

*WEBSITE* http://exilekorgath.guildlaunch.com

Group Tues/Thurs

Resto Druid/Mistweaver Monk/Holy/Disc Priest Applicants, OS Preferred

Group Wed/Fri

Exceptional Warlock/Mage/Disc Priest/Holy Paladin/Mistweaver Monk [/i]

[b]Exceptional Applicants

primoriscruor@hotmail.com via RealID
Innovation#1431 via BattleTag
primoriscruor via Skype
Innovation via In-Game Mail/Whisper
bump for progression and needs

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