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No, I am not suggesting being Connor in Azeroth. I'm just simply wondering: Would it be possible to have hidden blades, rope darts, smoke bombs, stuff like that, as a part of an RP character? I mean, we have friggin' matter transporters and airships; I can't imagine that it'd be crazy and impossible if your rogue, or maybe even warrior when off-duty and not in armor, walked around with a set of hidden blades. If someone disarms the rogue, he still has them, which aren't exactly easy to get off without chopping off their forearm.

I was just wondering this. I can see why it'd be frowned upon, and I most likely wouldn't even use it if it was approved by you guys, but I'm really just curious on how people view this. Let's face it: It's not impossible.
Sure, but don't be over awesome.
I once saw this rogue who had enough armor that he was like 40 men, and he had so many tricks up his sleeve it was like "Augustev swings his sword, trying to cut off <person's name> here."
"<Person's name> gets his arm chopped off, but suddenly, the body vanishes into dust as the real <person's name> drops from the ceiling!"
It was that on and off for about 2 hours.
I remember way back in the day when I RP'ed on my old server (Shadow Council) there was this super-annoying jackass kid (I know this cause he used to brag OOC that his parents let him smoke weed even though he was only thirteen) who took his DK character (who he had been RPing as an Arthas-supporter as an excuse to "fight" aka god-mode other DK's) and basically turned him into Ezio from ACII literally two days after the game came out.

He didn't even bother rerolling a new rogue character he just got himself a set of leather armor, a hood, and completely redid his MRP profile so that now he was an "expert assassin" who used tools such as hidden blades, smoke bombs, and poison darts. Needless to say he was ridiculed mercilessly by most other people who saw him.

Point is, you could take a few elements from the AC games (which is one of my favorite gaming series btw) as long as you *don't* take it to the level of the guy I just described. I don't see why a rogue couldn't have a pair of hidden blades in their bracers and they even have a power called "smoke bomb." I actually RP my hunter as having a sort of "rope dart" trap he uses when fighting opponents out in the woods.

Basically, as long as you're not running around trying to be all badass while screaming "NOTHING IS TRUE EVERYTHING IS PERMITTED" you should be all set. Remember that the entire point of the Assassin's order in AC is that nobody really knew about them.

I would NEVER do that, I assure you. *shudders* I hate people who do stuff like that.

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