[H] Raid guild looking for a new home

Hello all.
I am the GM of Red Right Hand. We're a small guild, created by a group of RL friends that have been playing since Vanilla. Collectively, we've experienced just about every raid since the beginning (separately, in other guilds), but recently decided that we wanted to build our own guild and raid. We'd all been in other guilds before, from the casual to the ultra-hardcore, and this time around we wanted to see if we could make our own way. We formed RRH near the end of Cataclysm and raided DS and H-DS until MoP. We got started on T14 the second week, quickly cleared MSV and began progressing into HoF. However, we've hit a wall due to attendance problems with our main group and the lack of PVE focus on our current server.

To put it simply, we're very unhappy with our server and looking for a better place. Our current server is heavily PvP oriented and recruiting skilled raiders for progression is a grim and frustrating process. We're hoping to move to server with a healthier, more active raiding community. Hopefully, this new place will allow us to recruit more raiders (we'll be bringing 6-10 with us) so we can raid more aggressively and progress at a much better rate.

My questions to you, if you'd be so kind, are these:

1. How do you feel about Zul'Jin and the experience you have on this server? How's the Horde community?

2. Based on progression it looks like you have a healthy raiding scene; however are there good players out there that have yet to find a home? Existing guilds: I notice quite a few recruitment posts on the forums… do you have success recruiting on Zul'Jin or are you starved for raiders?

3. Our current server is choked with guilds and it seems that raiders are spread far and wide among them. This makes it difficult to get a solid group together in one place in order to progress. Do you have that problem on Zul'Jin?

Would very much appreciate any feedback to my questions or any other info you'd like to contribute.


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