Looking at a possible transfer


Im looking a possible transfer from the server I am currently on. My server has gone downhill pretty quickly and am unable to find a guild that is suitable for my times to be able to raid.


My off days change weekly, looking at either late night (1230 server start time, end time is negligible) Or possible early morning raids (10am start - 130pm end)


I started playing WoW right before the release of Burning Crusade. I played a mage and was raiding Kara and the beginning of The Eye and SSC. I then decided to level a Resto Shaman and found myself transferring servers to Shadowsong. Where i joined the guild "Final Execution". When i joined they were 4/9 in BT and 3/4 in Hyjal. Throughout that time with them i was able to help clear BT and also clear Kalecgos in Sunwell. After the patch hit for Wrath we were able to clear the rest of Sunwell.

FE continued into WOTLK Clearing Naxx (including Glory of the Raider), EoE, and OS (including 3D). We continued into Ulduar but were unable to clear Yogg before RL issues caused the guild to quit raiding and break down. At that point i took a break from playing for about 3 months. I came back and joined Asylum and cleared most of Heroic ICC up to LK. At that point work issues caused me to quit playing until Dragon Soul in Cata. I came back to find that Asylum had also quit raiding. Cataclysm wasnt my favorite expansion so i turned to leveling alts instead of raiding. I then quit for another 2 months until MoP dropped.

I played a mage in the beginning and the majority of my raid expierence has come on a Resto Sham but I have recently made my hunter my main toon at this moment.


Im not looking for immediate success. I dont want to ride on others hard work. I want to find a relaxed guild who is laid back but likes to get down to business and get things done when the time calls for it.

If this post interests you, you can contact me via my battle tag (Kermit#1224) or leave a comment here. I will check back frequently.

If you want to know a little more about me i would be more than happy to oblige at a different time and location.

Thanks for your time and i look forward to hearing from some of you.

If you think morning times will work for you , check out Ante Meridiem's AM team.

We raid: Fri/Sat/Mon from 9AM-12PM EST. I know that is one hour earlier than what you said , but I figured I might as well alert you :)

Best of luck in your guild hunt! PS: This is a very nice server and it's very poppulated so it's easy to find pugs etc :P
Top the top for anyone else who might be interested.

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