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Hello, I've been having an issue lately where the cursor will go missing. I have a dual monitor setup and play in windowed mode. Sometimes, usually while switching back to the game, my cursor will go missing. It's unclear what fixes it, but usually when I rapidly move the cursor from the second monitor back to the game and/or click around in the game, it will eventually show back up.

In a similar, but less frequent issue, sometimes the cursor will become unresponsive in the game. For instance, it will stop showing mouse-over information. Then when I click on something, the mouse-over information shows up, but no action is performed. When I click on the object again, that's when the action is usually performed. It's very strange. The only way I've found to fix this issue is the restart the game.

I'm using a late 2007 24" iMac running Mountain Lion.

Thanks for the help.
having the exact same problem as you. Also made a post about, hope someone has a fix.
In System Preferenes -> Mouse/Trackpad

Is natural scrolling turned on or off ?

What kind of mouse do you have ?
I have the same problem, but mine disappearing mouse icon occurs while in combat. It reappears in a random place not near where it was suppose to be. (I've held it still and waited for it to reappear and have to make some motion to find it again)

I adjusted my mouse sensitivity and look speed in on my computer and also in wow - All three are very low. I am running Wow on a laptop (MSI) on a custom power scheme (plugged in and giving the computer full power). My resources are not too taxing either. I've been through a RAT5, SPAWN, and now on a Gear Head mouse - all of which have the same problem. It occurs with all Addons removed and cache files removed as well as with the my standard Raiding Addons (comprised of DBM, Recount, OMEN, Bartender, and Quartz).

I think the cursor shouldn't disappear in combat if I am correct

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