LF 2.2k+ Feral KT (A)

Title says it, be 2k+ this season at least.
2400+ War and Hpala.

We have both been 2163 this season, we just need a good feral willing to work to 2.2k.

Trolls below:
Here's a cookie :3

@The warrior who I always see and love,
Fuzies! Dk is only like 1750
We have the achieves said above, :P
Edit again:
War is 2400, Hpala is 2.1k this season
Greetings Libirator/Desolution! Best of luck to you in your search! I am guessing this is the team in question:


I might suggest not playing with a Warrior this season! We got nerfed pretty hard. Locks are doing pretty strong atm though!

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