Questing as a Pandaren Monk with the Horde


I left the starting zone on the Wandering Isles and have choosen the Horde faction. As part of the Horde I am starting at Orcrimmar. Can anyone recommend a questing guide for Pandaren monks?
Questing guides are unnecessary. Most quest zones are laid out so that you can easily move from one hub to the next and the Warchief's Command board in Orgrimmar can tell you which zones are appropriate for your level.

At level 10, you have the option of leveling in Azshara, the Northern Barrens, or Silverpine in the Eastern Kingdoms. Any one of these will give you the upgrades you need and enough exp to get to the next set of zones.
Azshara, Ashenvale, Stonetalon (great zone for upgrading your gear!) are a good 1-2-3 in the right direction. With Enlightenment you'll outlevel them before you finish the zones, but it's still an enjoyable route.

After Stonetalon I went to Southern Barrens, then Dustwallow. You'll level a lot faster in dungeons as well, so just stay queued for the Dungeon Finder and you'll get to the Outlands level range in no time!

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