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Holy hell this is driving me crazy i have been stuck on one last pristine for ages and haven't even seen the artifact i need for days

To improve arch please add more Pandaren digsites so its split 50/50 with mogu

Also allow ancient haunts to drop Pandaren fragments , they should really just drop fragments of the digsite type that you are at

For my sanity
I have to agree, as of tonight I will finish all of the collection for the 20 of each relic yet I am still missing 4 of the quest items. I find it strange that these items would not drop in the time frame while completeing the other achievements.
I just completed the achievement today. For those who have tried to use statistics and probability and all that jazz to figure out how many digs it takes. I don't know... BUT, upon completion I had four of the Collector: 20 achievements to go with a total of 14 artifacts to go amongst them.

The total number of Mogo + Pandaren artifacts completed: 472

And as a side note, although the achievement doesn't mention it, you do get a title for this.

I am now a "Seeker of Knowledge".

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