valor upgrade priorities

Is it safe to upgrade my darkmoon card relic of xuen trinket 2 times?? Will this stay BIS ? im pretty sure i wont be accessing heroic lei shins final order trinket but will get the normal version soon. Im also waiting to get the domination point on use crit trinket. Im lookin to get that and replace it with carbuncle. Ive also allready upgraded my one hander from normal elegon for SMF as again im pretty sure we wont be getting heroic elegon down any time soon.
I believe the BiS trinkets will be H:Lei Shin's Final Orders and either Skullrender Medallion for TG or Relic of Xuen for SMF. I'm not 100% sure, but they are threads around that state something similar. I'm personally going to do Relic of Xuen and Skullrender Medallion for my personal BiS, so I've already upgraded my trinket.
sounds good im gonna upgrade that relic of xuen as soon as i get another one hander from elegon or maybe a lfr scimitar idk yet. have to see what is better for off hand. but yeah then ill upgrade the relic of xuen

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