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Area 52
Hello. I'm thinking about transferring to Area 52 but before I do I'm looking for a raiding guild. I'm a 480 Affliction Warlock with no current normal experience however I do pick up fight mechanics very fast. I have raided in the past so I understand what raiding progression is like. I'm looking for a Friday/Saturday raiding group but anyday of the week between 6:30 to 10:30 is fine. If interested reply on thread. Thanks.
We raid fri/sat 11pm ST

Add gunsrus to chat in game or email me @ gunsrus@echodsi.com

I have a spot for you on our core team and we could have u raid ready br friday evening.
real ID gunsrus@echodsi.com
Hey Asteroph

Juggernauts is looking for a skilled warlock. Our raid nights are Sunday and Monday from 7-10pm server(EST). We only have one other caster cloth wearer so you would workout well in our group. Contact me through post or battletag if your interested.


Battletag Chief#1665

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