Genesis LF 1 DPS for Friday Raid

We are currently 6/16H and our resto/balance druid will be out of town tomorrow, so we are looking for 1 person who can help us finish HoF from Garalon onwards and ToES. We will be attempting Garalon and Wind Lord on Heroic.

Friday 7:00 - 10:00

Any class will be looked at.

We also prefer someone with 480+ ilvl and most bosses cleared on normal mode. Once again not mandatory.

If you feel you meet the requirements and want to see some heroic content feel free to add me to real id @
bump - still in search of 1 dps/healer for heroic garalon/wind lord on thursday and friday.
We are having a shortened raid week this week. I'm not sure exactly how much we will work on/clear tonight, but I could come DPS if I'm not saved to everything on my priest.

If you can't find anything else an I am saved on my Priest I have an ele shaman alt who isn't great, but could definitely help clear on normal.
Let me know where you finish up after tonight. If your priest isn't saved then we'll probably take you. Whats the shamans gear like?

Also updated post for any class with the right ilvl / exp.
My shaman is 475 equipped. I'll probably run LFR if I have time between my last two finals tomorrow. I tried to catch you while I was on tonight but didn't see ya. We cleared everything so I am unable to bring my priest unfortunately.

If you guys can't find an adequate body to fill the spot the offer is still on the table for my Shaman. Add my battle tag if you're in need (coolstory#1904)
Edited. Looking for someone for tomorrows raid. 7-10 server for realid, or leave me ingame mail or a post here.
may still need 1 for tonight. Leave me a message if interested.

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