[H] Casually Hardcore Weekend Mornings LFM

Casually Hardcore - Horde
Raid System:10-man only
Guild Leader: Rhoramir
Raid Leader: Deathaddict
Raid Schedule:

We are a Weekend Raiding guild. We raid from 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM Saturday and 11:00 AM-1:00 PM Sunday.

Loot System: An easy no-fuss/no-drama system. Master Loot with /rolls prioritizing Main Spec over Offspec, and first item of the night over 2nd item etc.


An item drops for the main spec of both Alice and Bob, so they both /roll on them. Since neither Alice nor Bob have won anything on this night, the item goes to the highest roller (e.g. Bob). Later in the run, another item drops that they both want. Bob again rolls highest, but since he has already received loot, the item goes to Alice.

Main spec always takes priority over offspec. Your main spec is what you would typically raid as.

Guild Description:

Casually Hardcore is a level 23 10-man raiding guild that is true to our name; we’re looking for skilled players who would be hardcore raiders if they had the time for an intense raiding schedule. Our goal is to get as many bosses down in a couple of 3 hour periods on weekends. We don’t have all the time in the world, so every minute we’re raiding has to count.

Current Progression:
6/6 MSV
2/6 HoF

Our Past Experience:
Cata Progression:
3/13 H BoT/BWD/ToFW
6/7 H Firelands
6/8 H Dragon Soul (for most the team-some are 8/8H)


We are looking for raiders with past experience who have a sense of humor, but will take the raiding hours seriously. Showing up every week on time is the most important thing a raider can do. After that, we expect a reasonable knowledge of the fights ahead of time, as well as consumables and proper gemming.

We expect the following of our players:
· A strong understanding of your class
· Excellent raid awareness and the ability to learn from mistakes without repeated coaching. Everyone makes mistakes, but good players learn from them.
· Solid raiding experience throughout cataclysm
· Accessibility to two separate roles (tank, heal, ranged, melee), either on a single character (offspec) or on an alt
· Great attitude and respect for fellow guildmates. A lot of guilds say things like “must be able to take criticism” which is code for “raid leader is an abusive !%#*@@%”. We will not be that kind of guild. Feedback will always be respectful. That having been said, players who aren’t playing to their fullest potential will not be raiding with us for very long.
· The ability to make a joke, the ability to take a joke.
· Ventrilo

Desired Classes: DPS w/ Tank offspec, Ranged dps
Our current roster is as follows:


Feel free to talk to anybody in guild about joining by either replying to this post or sending an in-game mail to Erfkit or Manbags.
Guild armory link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/guild/zuljin/Casually_Hardcore/
There will be no application process except running a few heroics to verify good attitude, tanking/dpsing/healing skill, awareness (don’t stand in the fire!) as well as cc/interrupt ability. If you don’t meet standards, we’ll wish you the best of luck elsewhere.

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