View distance macro for crappy PC?

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Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a macro that will witch my view distance settings from fair to low and vice versa. I've searched the forums and googled but all I find is macros for increasing view distance to max. My comp would dook itself.

Basically, my machine is eight years old and wasn't top of the when I got it. Replacing it isn't financially possible at this time. WoW runs fine at low setting but I've found it will often crash in the Vale if my view distance is turned up to fair. Fair works fine in every other zone. It's just a pain to open up the video controls every time I switch zones.

So, yeah, can anyone help with this?
/console farclip

Put a number after farclip. 200 is minimum and 1300 is maximum. You'll have to experiment to find what number value is fair.
Thanks. I'll give that a shot.
Is there a place to find my current setting? Like in the game files?
/dump GetCVar("farclip")

Low seems to be 200, Fair seems to be 600 for me. Not sure if it varies by graphics card.

You could do:

/run SetCVar("farclip",GetCVar("farclip")=="200" and 600 or 200)

to toggle between 200 and 600.

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