Dk & Proffessions

ALL Dk profession skill should start at 280 like their First Aid does.
After choosing the 2 professions you could have a memory video play of their former lives before being a Dk with them remembering the skills.

I'll guess theres some negatives as to why this isn't a good idea. But I have to say taking my lvl 60 Dk back to Durotar to fly around mining/herbing/skinning is not my idea of fun.

Further more at a guess that people playing there lvl 10 characters would hate it when a lvl 60 Dk swoops in and mines the node that they where running to.

Between the new cross over realm thing & the Dk's, these days its a wonder a lvl 10 character can find anything to actually harvest.

Anyway bottom line for me is start Dk proffessions at lvl 280. It's not like you haven't already set a precedent the Dk itself starts at 55 its First aid starts 280'ish.

Thanks guys I look forward to seeing you implement this ingame....cheers.

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I don't generally pick up crafting professions until max level. Does this mean I should start all crafting professions at 525 when I do?

(My two DKs'- Level 85 with no playtime other than auctions since MOP 525 Herbalism/Enchanting and level 81 with MOP playtime 600 Enchanting/Tailoring. Both started their professions at level 1.)
If they were to do this I'm sure they would have done it a long time ago.
DKs are warriors defeated in battle, not commoners slaughtered in their homes and villages. As warriors, they would have had some need for knowledge in first aid, but not gathering or crafting professions. Hence the skill in first aid and nothing else.
Primary professions? No.

First Aid, honestly I hadn't noticed they start at 280. But since the DK starter zone mobs drop Runecloth, that just keeps you on track. Now if DK's could get Cooking at 280 also I wouldn't mind that one bit.
All DK's should start at level 1 like all other toons, and we should be allowed to have as many as we want.

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