485 mage 6/6 MV reg 2/6 HoF LF 10m guild

Hello! =)

I transferred here not too long ago from a significantly smaller server to help a buddy run a guild which unfortunately, fell apart. So currently looking to join an already established and accomplished raid group to help with MoP progression! Ive raided hardmodes since end of Wrath and PvP frequently but still learning. I would also like to bring my 2 buddies (Ret pally and Arms War) with me if possible. They match me in dps, skill, the ability to learn quickly, and most importantly, they enjoy playing WoW! They also have the same MoP raid exp as I do.

I'm very chill and laid back and like to have a lot of laughs but I also enjoy downing end game content and exp everything the game has to offer. Leave a post or send me a in-game mail (Swishaman) with details.

Im currently Arcane with the recent continuation of nerfing of Combustion but I enjoy both specs and can perform in either as well. Hope to hear back soon and have a great day!


Thanks for the consideration and I'll for sure looking to it. Perhaps we can chat tonight about it more. I'm free tonight for any raid Fresh so if needed (this goes out to other viewers as well) raid tonight any 10m MV, HoF, ToES. =)
<Nothing Personal>( 1/6 HM MV, 6/6 HoF, 1/4 Terrace) is currently recruiting for our Thus/Sat/Sun run @ 10pm. We're in need of a Mage, and you clearly have the ilvl needed. If you would like to know more information feel free to whisper me in game. You can reach me on either Eilyselene or Imwithhîm.
<afk fapping> 6/6 MV 4/6 HoF is recruiting a tank and a mage. Raids are Tues/Sun/Mon 7pm-11pm. Our MT has recently vanished, so our progression has taken a hit. Once we fill his shoes and find a good mage, we should be back in the game. If your friends are willing to off-spec as needed, we could potentially work something out. I'll try to contact you in game and see if you're interested.

Thank you all for the info! I realized after reading these I didn't state which days/times work for me. Pretty much any night 7Pm Server-on except on Sunday night which I'm unavailable. I hope this help clarifies and again thanks all!
My guild and I will be transferring in towards the end of next week and working on recruitment. We currently need 2 RDPS and 1 Tank for our core and would be interested in having you!. We require a minimum of 470 ilvl from all applicants to begin raiding with us (as we won't be doing much with MV, Doing a few bosses in there then heading to HoF for the bulk of raiding week. We hope to have cleared HoF and ToES by mid-Jan. and getting into Heroic Mode progression for MV/HoF.

We raid 3 nights a week and 4 hours a night,
We are a serious raiding guild, but by no means are we hardcore.
If you can make our times work, Please get in contact with me :)
(T/Th/M 9PM-1AM Server time.)

During Cataclysm We cleared 8/13H T11 , 6/7H T12 (HRag during T13),
and 8/8H T13 (5/8H Prenerf).

If you're interested please add me to battle tag.
Fuzed#1672, I'd be very interested in speaking with you.
Alternatively, You may go straight to our guild site and apply by clicking 'recruitment'
on the main navigation bar :) - XiTGuild.Enjin.Com - Hope to hear from you soon!
<Nothing Personal> is also recruiting for our second run on Tues/Weds. Raid time is at 9:45pm (server time).
Thanks everyone for the interest. Still looking for the right guild for myself and my 2 buddies. We are all strong players and would compliment a solid progression group nicely!
My guild <Soul Asylum> just lost our mage, and one of our melee so we could probably fit in you and one of your friends. Not sure if we can squeeze all 3 of you into our first 10man but if you'll only raid if all 3 of you can get in we might be able to work something out.

Raid times: wed/thurs 8-11
Progression: 6/6 MV, 3/6 HOF

If you're interested send me an in game message/mail. battletag: cocacola#1739
Hey we are 6/6 MV 4/6 Hof and 1/4 Terrace hoping to add 3/4 in terrace this week and 5/6 in HoF and need a core mage for our guild. Add shakeweight#1299 if your interested.

We raid Tues Wed Thur 7-10 Server. Might go over a hour now and then but not usually.
For a update. Im not 486 ilvl. Just recently obtained my Sha weap and my gem. And I wanted to share that my Boomy is now at 482 ilvl with 4 set tier and sha weap/gem as well. Still looking for that right fit. Looking for a guild who has a medium-large pop with active 90s. When I'm not raiding, I do enjoying PvPing, still fairly new, as well as anything else. Hope to find a new home by next Tuesday

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