STR or PVP power for my gems?

Hi everybody,

I first started playing Paladin last patch of Cata and I really enjoyed Retribution (my first season where i tried to do well in pvp). I the part I liked most about it was how I could save my teammates from death at critical moments with a heal or my utilities. I am 2100+ exp. I am wondering whether or not I should gem PVP power or STR since the nerf to our offheals? Because recently it seems like I have to use more global cooldowns than I had to before in order to provide somewhat effective heals that can actually save my teammates. Will my dmg go down by much if I socket str? Will my heals increase significantly? I would be really happy with some constructive feedback. Thanks.
I've gone resil.. (320, yellow)
Plus 80str/160resil (orange)
And 160resil/160pvp (green)

We seem to be the focus target these days and the resil helps against the insane burst plus with the added pvp power on pvp weapons, you can still hit hard.
12/07/2012 05:43 AMPosted by Daemonism
Plus 80str/160pvp (orange)

Purple. In case the OP gets confused.
Been gemming alot of PvP power/ Resil and Full Resil as well.... Ive gotten up to a little over 60% damage reduction (I think its how that works) and have noticed I dont die in a fear or stun as often anymore.... your damage does take a hit a bit but not too much... and you do no damage when youre in the graveyard all the time anyways :P
Push PvP power until you get a solid 46+, then you start gemming Resilence str.

You will benefit more reaching the "PvP Power cap" which is roughly at 50.
I ment 80atr160resil :p

I dunno, I sitting bout 67.5% resil and 42.5 pvp power..
Anything that can help me survive longer and give healers a better fighting chance of keeping me alive is a clear winner for me, especially with all the crazy burst dmg flying around atm
I noticed Vanguards gemmed for res, although he likes to experiment. But I gemmed myself for res too, because I feel that I'm a preferred target.

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