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3rd time I've logged in since tuesday and I've had to download the patch each time. Has there been updates each day or am I doing something wrong?
I just got this as well. Played last night and opened wow today and its making me D/L the patch again.

We had a new tools patch that came out yesterday. That's most likely what you just downloaded.
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Its not the game tools thats downloading, its patch 5.1 to 5.1 some thing is causing the game to patch every time you start the launcher.

I can patch the game to 100% launch the game, exit, open launcher and it starts patching again 14783 files each time.
I am having this same issue.. Been playing all week now today it is having me update the whole patch again.. It did also just update the "tools" also but its doing it all over again.
i was playing fine this AM and now 12 hours later I am patching 5.1 again, its showing 9399 files.

if i was already patched and playing 5.1 why am i downloading and patching 5.1 again?

yes the tools were updated at first then 9399 files started....

Try running the repair tool when the launcher is done. Click on "Help" at the top, and then click on "Repair Tool". The repair should then start. Once the repair is done, close the launcher and relaunch it to see if that helped.
I'm available Monday through Friday from 11AM to 8PM Pacific Time
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just happend to me to just got home from work gona try what the blue just posted and see if that works
I am having the same issue, I am running the repair tool from the help option however it is taking much longer than the actual full 5.1 download I've repeated twice now. I will let you know if it fixes the issue.

Edited after running the Repair Tool

Repair tool completed in approximately 16 minutes however it did not fix the issue. Once the repair tool was done, I logged into my main, flew around for a minute, exited the game and got hit with the ERROR 132. I submitted the ticket on the ERROR 132, re-opened WoW and had another download of "Updating Files" (11790 total). Other thoughts?
yup same here ... im gonna try runnig the tool
Add me to this list...

Was fine yesterday.. today came home fired up the game, tools were updated and then the launcher started reloading the patch.
I'm experiencing this as well. Started the launcher just now and it started patching my game again.

Everything was fine yesterday when I was playing, and it wasn't trying to re-patch then either.
Same thing.

Guess I'll have to watch TV or do laundry or something....bummer!

Edit: Going pretty quick though, already at 33%. I'll just have to stay logged in lol!

Edit#2: Got through all the 5.1 patch files pretty quickly. Once it hit Playable, it slowed WAY down and is downloading files (X/1038).

Try this:

1. Make sure that Windows is set to show hidden files.

Here's how to do that:

2. Navigate to the C:\ProgramData folder and delete the folder.
3. Navigate to the WoW folder and delete the "Updates" folder.
4. Launch WoW.

Let me know what happens.
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It is a problem with the launcher. I downloaded the update on Thursday. Now I am being asked to redownload it again today.

I am not going to waste my time doing things that are not the problem Dankorii.

I have learned over the years that Blizzard will just run you thru the same script of how to fix common problems and it is best to ignore them until they put a fix in.

When multiple people are reporting the same problem it is very unlikely that all of our systems went bad at the same time as your new update.
I am having the same issue today. I logged in earlier this morning to do some dailies and it booted fine.

I went to re-login just now to check auction house real quick and it's trying to download and install the patch again.
I've been having the same thing happen. Now the launcher is sitting at initializing and nothing comes up on the launcher (patch notes, the ad for the cinder kitten).

Edit: Not even 30 seconds after I posted, I look at it again, then I start clicking on the options at the top and everything comes up and the game says playable. I have no idea what's going on.
i keep on updating launcher everytime i open wow. this started 2 days ago. is there a way to fix this? instead of playing immediately i have to wait around 30 minutes for the initialization and the update.
so i previously just read this thread, and i did the repair tool and after it did it, it still wont start up my game, it doesnt even pop up with and updates for patches everytime i hit the play button it just opens up the launcher again and doesnt open WoW please helpp.
i also deleted the updates folder like stated above, and it trys to do the same update with the pet battles or whatever and gets to 64% then stops.

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