Alchemy or Inscription?

So, I have 590 Herbalism and I'll be 600 soon as I level to 90. I already started on Alchemy a long time ago, but I'm willing to replace it with Inscription if it's a more attractive profession. What do you guys thing? Also, I'm willing to put the money and effort into leveling either one to 600 as is necessary.
inscrip > herbing; keep alch

unless you really like farming for some reason
Bananawafer is right: farming is unnecessary, at least when your crafting professions are level-capped. If you can't make a profit with your crafting profession by buying the gathered materials on said auction house, you're losing money anyway.

You should:

1. Finish leveling alchemy with herbs you gather using herbalism.
2. Gather all the herbs you will need to level inscription.
3. Drop herbalism and replace it with inscription.
4. Level inscription.
Inscription will give you more benefit than herbalism, but beware lures of gold-making. It WAS wildly profitable at the start of MoP, but that depended on luck with Darkmoon cards and a spike of demand for glyphs. I think I'm going to stop making scrolls of wisdom now, was lucky enough to not get a bunch of Oxen cards this month, but still have trouble selling them above the cost of ink. I've *never* had the patience to play the glyph market.
The herbalism haste buff is worth 480 haste on average from what I have heard (haven't done the math). It is possible for a resto shaman, that it could be slightly better then 320 intellect from inscription.

Both professions are cheap and easy to level however, though inscription should have a better chance of recouping the leveling expense.
I would keep herbalism. The haste proc is pretty good, and you make good gold off farming while doing quests/dailies or just farming in general. It will also feed your second profession = pure profit. I like to have alchemy on my main toon. You get double flask duration and the trinket is very good (outsims some 489 trinkets). Inscription is a big money maker right now though. I have a bunch of 85's doing the daily scribe cooldown, so I don't need it on my main toon.

If this is your only character and you need gold, go with inscription. If you have a bunch of 85's parked, then get a some of them to do enscription and send them herbs from this herbalist.
If you want to, you can just level a deathknight to 80 for your crafting profession. At 80 you can max your professions at 600. Plus, with a DK you start at 55 so it's not too bad. Of course you may not be able to get pandaria recipes, but I did that with this character for JC/Alchemy and make everything I want.

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