In Search of the Truly Awesome! (OOC)

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
PURPOSE OF THIS MISSIVE: Gather a solid core of heavy roleplayers toward a cohesive story in-game(and forum-based, for when schedules conflict) that presses towards a defined goal, which may or may not have a happy ending but is nonetheless brought to a worthy conclusion.

THE MOTIVE BEHIND IT: I see plenty of good roleplayers out there in my humble home of Wyrmrest Accord. They have great MRP/TRP entries, are very eloquent in "speech" and mannerism, and who play their characters marvelously in the situations I have encountered them in. Unfortunately, I have had difficulty in bringing these wonderful characters to common ground, in part because I simply haven't figured out a common motive to bring to the table and partially due to these people being around at different times. I know that I can, and will bring more of my own effort into this matter as time permits, but I would like to invite the masses to ponder with me. After all, many minds working interdependently are capable of far greater things than the lone stranger.

A lot of folks congregate in the city. It's a great place for first meetings. Some characters, however, are naturally inclined to avoid major population centers, myself included. There's a lot of world out there, and I would like to utilize it for roleplay. On occasion I have seen good roleplayers out and about doing quests, and we have exchanged words, but never for very long. It's quite a shame, since I'm sure there's so much more that could be said if a common subject of interest were found.

I get it. There's a lot to be angry about, both in-character and out of it. Sometimes it's a very good thing to vent that anger. What I find disheartening is the events involving people taking out their anger in immature ways that take away the fun for everyone involved. I am seeking other people who desire a reduced-stress roleplay experience, where anger is utilized solely towards the expression of healthy, character-building conflict that we can all appreciate.

AND THAT'S ALL: Seriously, that's all I have to say for now. I just want us all to enjoy each other's company, and maybe kill some orcs. Yep.
I would love to join you, what did you have in mind for a story arc? I am interested, but I am not one with a lot of time. I also have several 85's I want to raise to 90. I have more on Horde side than Alli. I even have room for a new alt if someone wants a leveling partner.

I am on Pacific time zone and pretty open as far as ideas go. Though I do like good story arcs. I kind of like mystery and adventure and questing in character.
Did you give up on this? I have a few characters on WRA looking for partners as well. I know it is hard to find someone to get out there and actually do something!

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