Stuck at ilvl 465

I'm having a tough time getting higher than 465.

All I have left to get from heroics is the trinket from Stormstout.

What would be the fastest way to get the other 5 levels?

Rep is going to take some time, and it may take a while to get lucky in raid finder. I'm still figuring out my guild situation so 10 mans aren't there just yet.

Any help would be appreciated.
If you have some gold you could try to pick up some crafted gear or something off the auction house. Otherwise start working on some rep stuff.
Could do LFR and hope for some luck that way. Least i think LFR is 460?
Yeah definitely do LFR
Can pickup the 496 crafted gear from blood spirits fairly cheap now, that alone would put you at 468+ then conq cap from bgs / whatever you want and you can buy the last 1-2 pieces (neck/cloak pref)
Do the first few LR's, you have the iLevel for it. Not sure if you have done it as the armory doesn't show it, but consider using some spare justice points to up your blues.

I've done that on the blues that I'm seeing myself keeping (not because I want to but because blizz's RNG god hate me) for awhile just for a little extra iLevel and oomph from them, and as justice points are easy to come by, it's not hard to get more.

While the upgrade to 463's will only take them to 471, it will help a bit.
You should also being doing Sha of Anger every week. Go as the spec you want gear in and always use a luck charm. Sha can drop tier gloves and pants and even the pvp stuff would be an upgrade for you since it has two dps stats now.
Cap out arena and make sure that you do Sha every week. Also cap out valor. So easy to gear up right now.
You can also use JP to boost 463 gear to 471. You really won't have much use for them except maybe BoAs.
Buy the relic of Xuen.

It won't help much with your iLVL problem, but it is still a great buy
What about knocking out the rep grinds and buying the VP gear? That's how I did it.

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