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Cross breeding pets...

Sounds like a lot of development time.

Some would say the same about raid content, dungeon content, pvp content, leveling quests, daily quests, pet store pets/mounts, dance studio, new player character models, Starcraft II, Diablo 3...

Except, this is World of Warcraft, not World of Pokemon :P

They have different developers for those games. I assume some of the devs have worked on all 3, but for the majority WoW devs are working on WoW, D3 devs are working on D3, and SC2 devs are ofc.. working on SC2.
Oooh, I love Pet Battle love. I hope it's like Chocobos in FF7. :3

I'd also love to see pet battles move away from killing the pets and make them more like KO'ed. I hate how there has to be blood involved with them - it should be fun and lighthearted. :(



If you're going to replicate Pokemon, actually replicate it. Pokemon don't kill each other guys =/
The whole capturable boss thing in the 5.1 areas is still poorly explained despite some gibberish doubletalk in the interviews. How is anyone supposed to know how to do this? Even the guides to 5.1 barely touch on it. Why bother developing content and then hide it and not drop some clues as to what the hell to do?
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Will there ever be transcripts of the audio interviews available?

If these or other sites wish to provide them. We don't dictate the editorial direction or format of the interviews we setup. Our goal is to work with fansites to share design insights directly from the developers. The content they wish to cover, and how they present that information to the community, is their call. :)

How about hosting the interviews on a site I'm willing to visit (ie: battle.net).
Completely off topic here. Why is it that since pandaland came out I have been told via the lil box on the left on the password screen one time( Eleven O'clock am) so I bribe workmates with sex, money, booze, etc. so I can change shifts and be home to play only to have an updated post that basically says, "oops, um, we meant One O'clock pm" which costs me six hours because my play time is cut short three hours befor play time and have to leave three hours earlier than was expected? Hell when I would tell my C.O. that me and my men would have taken a hill so they could move a convoy of supplies along a rout that passed under the hill and beyond and I didn't make the deadline then people died and gear destroyed or worse taken by the enemy!! Show some intestinal fortitude and just say, " by one at the latest but maybe sooner".
be nice to see blacklist actually work first before ya brag how good it is

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