Latest update crashes and freezes

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And it's worse than ever before. Can get a few auctions up before hitting the "back" button and I would say about 8 out of 10 times the app freezes for several seconds and then crashes. The app is getting buggier and buggier as time moves on. This is on the iPhone 5 with iOS 6. I'd be more than happy to go back to paying for an app that does not crash all the time.
Can you give me a tap-by-tap run down of what you're doing that causes the crash to occur? I'd like to know your workflow, just in case we're doing something different.
Yeah, I’ve been able to narrow it down so it freezes and crashes every time. Sometimes it doesn’t bother with freezing the app….it just goes straight to crashing.

I go to put up a duplicate auction that I have been undercut on, but I always want to remove the auction that I have up to make sure I have another one of those items in my inventory. If that previous auction is within the first 5 auctions and is visible on the create auction page where I can set my price and everything, I can click on it and cancel the auction just fine. But if my previous auction is farther back than 5 and I have to click on the “see more auctions” tab at the bottom to list all the auctions and find my auction is where I run into the freezing and crashing problem. I click on the “see more auctions”, scroll down to my previous auction and click on it. It pulls it up and I’m now able to cancel the auction, so I do. It cancels the auction and I’m ok so far. But now at this point if I click on the “back” button it freezes and crashes each and every time without fail. I don’t think I’ve had it not crash once since the latest update.

I can’t tell if the crashing has improved overall within the app because it seems like I always run into this crashing issue….I get careless and forget to not hit the back button after cancelling an auction. Habit I guess.
What type of items are you posting?
Mainly jewelcrafting items. Some other random things like food and such.
Thanks for the detailed workflow. Fix will be introduced in the next build we release. I'm not sure when the release will be, but it shouldn't be too long.
Ok thanks for the info. Happy to hear that it's going to get fixed. Much appreciated.

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