pvp stat question

Okay so everything that ive read says to stack pvp power for a hunter. Pvp power>agility>hit>expertise> crit>haste>Mastery(i am MM not bm) I was wondering at what point pvp power needs to be switched to resil? Is there sort of cap or DR for pvp power and if so what is it?
Also i will move this thread to the arena or bg forums if needed
Not sure if there is a hard percent that you should switch. But from what I've seen from high ranked players, and what I have learned from experimenting myself, around 45% - 50% pvp power is solid. Resilience is ALWAYS more valuable though. Resilience is far far more efficient than power. To overcome 50% resil one would need 100% power. Say I hit for 100 in pve (small numbers for my sanity's sake), and I have 50% pvp power. That means in pvp I will hit for 150. Now I come to an enemy with 50% resil. I'll hit him for 75. The resil is taken into account AFTER power is added in, therefor resil will always be more valuable. That being said, you do want power, just don't sacrifice much resil (or main stats) for it.

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