Midnight Crusaders Recruitment

Hello everyone. We are fairly new to the realm and are looking for ppl to expand our roster. We are close knit family(those that did xfer with the guild) looking for ppl who might be interested in raiding, or simple looking for a guild to hang out in.

On our former realm we were 2/6 MV the 2nd week it came out, then real life took a bite out of our 10man team sadly. Our tentative raid days would be Tues-Wed 430 or 5 server time till 730 server and Sunday if people are able to. For those that are not interested in raiding, we have people in guild that like to farm or pvp or just hang out. We do ask that you keep g chat clean and as always be resepectful while you're having fun playing the game.

For those wondering what we need for our raid team, 2 tanks or at least 1, I do have an OS tank spec, For the tank spot, I would like to have a druid or pally. Our MT is a DK, once she gets back to wow. 2 or 3 dps, full on shammans but could use a spriest, mage or a rogue.

If you are interested in joining or have more questions, you can reach out to me(if you do /who im either on a toon that starts with Nub or Jat) or Aeowynn, or send in game mail to us and we will get back to you asap. Thank you all and hope we get some of you guys to join... :-)

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