Looking for EXTINCT Materials.

Currently i am looking for Frozen Rune on Stormreaver and a Blacksmith who has the Naxxaramas (60) plans. I am paying quite well. Add me if you have either of these, thank you. I also have Dark Rune if anyone wants to exchange the two.
How old is that
about 6 years old

why dont you just make the "new" naxx armor.. blue is blue
12/09/2012 04:47 PMPosted by Troubel
why dont you just make the "new" naxx armor.. blue is blue

That would be a negative.

Talking from someone who worked for her wings, Tier 3 is drastically different from Tier 7. At least from a priest standpoint. The Valorous set is a greenish blue that matches the Cata Mercurial set more than, say, the sky/teal blue of Faith a la Robes of the Guardian Saint.

Can't speak for the other classes, but the neon blue of Frostfire, and the giveaway chill of the skulls on Dreadnought... well, I can spot the difference easily. Blue is not blue =p

As for the post, I'm afraid I can't help much (Tailor with naxx patterns), so that would only help you in regards to making the cloak.

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