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I am running version 5.2.0 on an iPhone 4 with iOs 6 and every event listed on my events page is showing up two hours later than the event is scheduled for. For instance, I had been invited to a Heart of Fear run today at 5 local time (4 server-Aegwynn) but the event showed up as being at 7 local time. All of the other events, regardless of whether they were created by other players or by the game, are off by two hours as well.
Aegwynn is CST, so I'm guessing you're EST. I posted about this problem too; it looks like it's using the time entered in-game (the actual time based on realm time), then calculating as if that were PST, which is why it's three hours ahead for you. I'm guessing this has to do with the event time changes (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7200062357).
I just ran into this on the Android version.

A guild event posted at 7p server (CT), which is 8p local (ET), shows up in the app as 10p. So yes, that looks like it's treating the 7p as PT rather than server time and trying to translate to local time.

Additionally, it's never been clear to me whether the app is showing local time or server time. I mean, yes, I can eventually figure it out, but it would be nice if it was obvious in the UI. Or give us a toggle in the Settings panel to choose (just as you can in-game).
We prefer to use local time according to your device's settings. We just need to update the Mobile Armory to pick up recent changes to the WoW server.
Yes, the bug, where it treats server time events (guild events) as being in PT like global game events, really screws things up. If I went by the time reported on my phone, I'd be two hours late to the raid! It makes the Calendar very confusing.

I like that the app uses local time. I just wish it was correct. It'd be good if the in-game calendar could use local time as well but that's a different discussion.
I had this problem tonight and missed my raid because of it. The raid schedule showed up at 10 PM on my Armory Phone app and I thought that was Eastern time because of the server. I'm in the central time zone. My guild was already well into the raid when I logged on.

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