The "Bosses left" message needs to come back

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shoot just realized i was posting on my pally :p
12/08/2012 07:45 PMPosted by Maehara
Adding more selfishness upon others doesn't fix or help anyone. This game isn't about YOU or an individuals needs, sadly, it's become that way.

So rather then punish the people who do the deed of leaving more severely, it is better that we punish the people who would come in and help? I have no problem picking up a 1/3 LFR. If it's towards the end of the week, I -enjoy- getting a 2/3 so I only have one boss to kill to get the valor points. I do not want to do 2/3, then 1/3 with two fourty minute queues in the middle. I'm not about to waste my time clearing LFR twice.

12/08/2012 07:45 PMPosted by Maehara
People CLAIM they have a RIGHT to doing a fresh run. Don't those same people trapped in a 1/3 has the same CLAIM to RIGHT of a complete run and people to finish it? Regardless of how you want to twist your words or fool yourself, being entitled is exactly what you or anyone else who dislikes this change is being.

The only 'right' I would 'claim' to have is the right to chose. As mentioned above, I do not -claim- the -right- to always get 0/3. Sometimes I prefer it. Sometimes I don't. It's my choice, and I like having choices in video games. I'm in no way 'entitled'. And it's for this reason I -haven't- run LFR since this new patch. I don't believe I'm entitled to the gear. I chose not to participate because I enjoy having the right to play the game I want.

The fact you're openly labeling people who want the right to chose what boss they come in as people who are 'entitled' is just silly. It's not 'entitlement', it's the want to play the game we want to play. I'm not entitled to anything. I simply prefer being able to chose what boss I come in on. I'm not saying I will auto-follow, or go AFK during bosses. I'm simply saying punish those who are disadvantaging the raid to begin with.
I don't think punishing anyone's the answer, a raid can take a long time in lfr, I don't hold it against the people that leave after bosses, and I don't think they should get punished.
I don't think you understand math if you think it was faster to queue-fish than to just kill that one boss again.
What this change did, in effect, was redistribute all of the time that players spend waiting to individual ques rather than in raids.

That is, before this change 20 people might wait for 10 minutes while the spots filled in LFR for a total of 200 player-minutes of waiting time.

Now, base ques are a little longer and you may have to re-que to get earlier bosses, but mathematically, there should be the same amount (if not less) player-minutes spent waiting overall.

This is a GOOD change because you can do other, productive things while qued that you can't do sitting in a raid, like dailies or harvesting crops.

The only group of people who this hurts is that small fraction who are just "too important" for anything other than 0/3. These people, incidentally, are either ignoring or ignorant of the basic principles of optimization. Blizzard, fortunately is not.
You do have a choice don't use LFR that is your choice period. If you use the system you follow the rules

You'll make a fine prison guard when you get a little older. I have a friend from high school who does that now. Get him drunk and he happily talks about how he beats defenseless prisoners who look at him funny (actually he says they "broke the rules"). Grow up, sweetie and see the world is painted in shades of gray, not just black and white. After a while you might even start to see some color.

There is no grey in this world you are either right or wrong. Friend or enemy that is the way the world is. Period. You have the choice to break the rules/Laws but you also have to be ready for the consequences
Its the socialist agenda vs the capitalist agenda. Am I wrong in guessing that the majority of people who support the new system are from Canada, California, or Europe?
The answer to getting the notice back is simple.

The instant you see a partial queue, drop the group and eat the debuff. It will never happen, but it would make a pretty big impact if Blizz looked at their analytics and saw that LFR had gone from a long wait to fill a partial to partials never being filled at all.

Its what I've done. If I get a partial run now, I drop and go fish or do old content.

I do not approve of the change, hence I will not support it. It inconveniences me, but so be it.
12/08/2012 05:19 PMPosted by Daedros
Point is after spending 30 min in a que you deserve to know if your going to get to kill the bosses you need. Thats like waiting in line for half an hour for a beer that has a good shot at being empty. And to the guy that said "theres no "looking for boss" function your queing for a raid." then shouldn't you have a choice to que for a full raid?

Lemme guess, you only need one item from the last boss in the instance and you don't want to be bothered killing the others?
12/08/2012 09:47 PMPosted by Hacpe
Its the socialist agenda vs the capitalist agenda. Am I wrong in guessing that the majority of people who support the new system are from Canada, California, or Europe?

Tell you what, I'll support them adding a solo LFR queue so you can bootstraps yourself through it without having to give anything to anyone who doesn't deserve it.
12/08/2012 07:18 PMPosted by Joyia
No one claimed we have a 'right' to a 0/3 queue. We are just saying that it is unfair. Furthermore, no one is saying 'give us the gear'. We're simply saying 'We'd like to work from a 0/3 raid to get the gear we want'. Deciding we don't agree with how the process works does not mean we're being entitled or sad.

It's not fair either way.

It's not fair to you that don't want to have to queue twice, or only want the one boss that drops your item or whatever, and it's not fair to us that get to wait for 20 minutes for people to stop declining the invitation.

You spending hours filtering through your invites could have been done by the time it pops up. I spent 4 hours doing that once as a healer. It was ridiculous. Pop after pop after pop 2/3 clears. I could have been in and out on two toons in that time period.

When I'd get in a run, half the raid would bail after Elegon. Then we'd spend 10 minutes farting around waiting for people that weren't going to decline, and I've ended up killing him a few short because the tanks were sick of waiting. I actually had one raid totally disband because we were on the second boss in HoF and no one would take a non fresh queue for almost half an hour.

They most assuredly did it for the same reason that they did with the dungeon finder: Too many selfish people wanting the perfect raid on the perfect boss and those partial runs not filling and clearing out of the queue.

It makes perfect technical sense. No, it's not fair to some of you. The way it was before wasn't fair to the rest of us either.
12/08/2012 08:47 PMPosted by Kaylin
I think someone already did something like this, either it's not well known yet or blizz banned it or something

According to Blizzard, Curse took it down because it didn't work.

And if there is one that works, Blizzard will break it, too.
12/08/2012 04:14 PMPosted by Daedros
What possible reason could there be for removing the message that told you how many bosses were dead in an instance before entering it?

They already told you that, did you miss it?
Since the change, I have not come in on a SINGLE raid in progress, where before, i almost ALWAYS came in on a raid in progress. If that was their goal with LFR, it worked spectacularly.

This is a working as intended that actually worked as intended.
Previously I did not hear "Pls kick me"

After this patch, I heard a lot "Pls kick me"

Did Bliz fix anything? No, nothing at all, but instead made it worse than before.

Never seen anyone asked to be kicked under the new system.
This thread is


You hop into a raid, leave after killing the boss you wanted. What about the other people who helped you kill that boss? Maybe the next boss is the one they need?

I remember running 40 people through the Onyxia key chain questline. I remember working my tail off for the UBRS key and would go with other people to let them in then drop to let someone take my place who hadn't been there yet.

What the hell is wrong with people nowadays?

The selfishness makes me sick. Grow up and look beyond your own noses.

Our community has turned to crap and cherry picker whiners are one part of the problem.
12/08/2012 05:09 PMPosted by Hysar
But at your choice, taking away choices is never a good thing

There is no "Looking for Boss" function. Your queing for a raid. If you don't want to participate its your own choice.

Right. And if I queue for the entire raid, why should I not be able to run the entire raid? Sure it sucks that you lost your last tank, but it really isn't my problem if I need a drop off something you've already killed and I've already looted the stuff you have left.
12/08/2012 08:16 PMPosted by Daedros
True, but getting forced into helping others so they stop crying isn't the answer.

You were forced to click LFR?

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