Engineering Item Ideas

Over time, I've made a small list of gadgets I think should be in game.

-Multi-passenger Engineer-only flying machine. Would look something like this:

-Wormhole Generator: Capital Cities OR Dimension Ripper: Goblin Slums (Or Bilgewater Harbor)/Ultrasafe Transporter: Tinker Town (Or Dwarven District). Same possible side-effects as the ones that currently exist.

-Jeeves 9000 (With access to your faction's Auction House). Longer CD, but also stays for longer.

-Up to date trinkets that can be used to reflect certain spell schools (Like Gyrofreeze Ice Reflector and the other Fire/Shadow ones).

-Dimentionnal Warper: A small device that lets you teleport a few yards away (Think Blink, but with a shorter distance, longer CD and the chance of malfunctionning and instead being teleported very high in the air... don't forget your parachute/glider!)

-Gnomish Engineering: Gnomish Life Ray. Trinket, siphons life from nearby enemies and heals an ally/yourself. Can occasionnally siphon your life instead.

-Goblin Engineering: Sapper's Rocket Launcher. Trinket, fires a barrage of rockets at enemies in a cone in front of you.

So, do YOU have any ideas for Engineering?
Caltrops - similar to Ice Trap with a minor DoT, used like grenade/bomb.

Paint Bomb - grenade that turns mob bright pink and unable to stealth.

Gravity Magnifier - trinket/item that renders target unable to fly for short period (15-30 sec?). Short range (so you can't easily kill someone with falling damage).

Mole Machine - acts like second Hearthstone. Animation similar to Direbrew's Remote.

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