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I have discussed with a bunch of wow players and they all seem to agree with with me on this subject. I think that the Boa Gear should have a page like mounts/pets. So that all your alts should be able to use them. It is gear that we all put time into getting for ourselves and it would be nice to use it on any of our characters. I was just wondering what other people thought about it. I personally just think it doesn't make sense I can use my mount on every character but not gear that I have earned. Its not like we can sell the gear.
Until server transfers are free this will most likely not occur.
I don't see the difference between boa gear and mounts. I think they would let people use boa gear before mounts on all your toons that can use the gear. all it does is make it easier to play and level with your friends versus doing nothing with it.
Everyone running around with feather boas? That'd be ridiculous.
Cage your BoA gear to be used on that toon. Learn it to have it transferred to another.
Man you must be a genius, no one has ever thought of this and made a topic about it on here before. You're totally a trendsetter!
Blizzard has stated time and time again that they are working on ideas to make heirlooms transferable (or at least usable) cross-realm. They've mentioned something along the lines of an Heirloom Journal, that would function similarly to the Pet Journal.

Server transfers have nothing to do with it, it is solely an issue with not having come up with the idea they personally think fits best for the situation and/or the time involved in creating such a system and making sure it works with as few issues as possible.

Just be patient. It'll happen when they come up with the best way for it to happen.
12/08/2012 10:12 PMPosted by Pewpopew
I don't see the difference between boa gear and mounts.

I do. The former is an item, the latter is a spell.
My vote goes for an Heirloom journal. Then pandas can get more use out of them. :D

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