Ele/Resto viable for PvE?

Looking at WoL parses and other number number crunching websites, it appears that restoration shamans are still mediocre and elemental shamans are still eating dirt.

Is this true? I would love to main my shaman again but if they are still impossible to be competitive with I can't do it.

Correction: If I could play competitive ranged DPS or healer as a shaman, I would start playing this game again and raiding. (this is the 10 day free thing)
I havent seen alot of resto shamans having any problems with healing.. number crunching machines are just as dirt as the numbers they produce

To be honest ive seen some elemental shamans out dps me by about 50-80k (i do about 60-70k on average) and ive seen resto shamans topping healing charts in raids too (lfr but still)
Resto is definitely viable. Competitive with other classes? No.
All healers can heal all dps can dps all tanks can tank fine. Unless by "competitive" you mean world first every class/spec is competitive. Of course if all dps or healers are of the same class/spec maybe you will face a non competitive raid composition where buffs will be missing and where (for example) aoe damage will have too much ramp-up time not enough ranged etc.
if you know what you're doing as an elemental, you could nearly out dps any class depending on the fights.
12/09/2012 02:25 PMPosted by Applebush
Resto is definitely viable. Competitive with other classes? No.

Hilarious. Anyways Rshammies are in a really strong spot atm. Definitely competitive against other healers HPS wise, and stomping them in utility (10m perspective).
RShaman's are in a good place in PVE. They aren't at the level of 5.0 monks who got hammered down, or at OP the level of disc priests now... so we should be safe from nerfs until sometime after disc gets nerfed.

Average logs are bad, on easy fights or fights that are overhealed, shaman's look bad because their HoT effects tick overheal and mastery is uneffective. Look at first kills with minimum healer counts and you'll see how rshaman really are in PVE.
rsham seem weak because our best cd slt doesnt actaully count as healing done on wol but it is probs one of the best healing cd's in the game
Resto shaman won't always top the meter, but tey let you 2-heal almost every encounter in 10man right now and win. We are the antithesis of a disc priest, we want the entire raid to sit sub 50% health while disc wants the raid to never take damage larger than their shields.

We bring huge utility, very solid tank heals, and can brin the raid back up faster than any other class after a big AoE hit. That's exactly what you want from a healer

As for ele, if played correctly they are absolute monsters right now, but you really need to know every detail of the encounters. Popping your CDs at the wrong time is gg meter wise for ele
Yes shaman are viable for PvE but then again so is any other well played class.
Ele/DPS shamans have a lot of utility. They just aren't really OP in terms of damage on any fight because they are low half of single target damage (top half if you count stormlash), their AoE has a limited range so it can't be used easily on Elegon/Garalon like affliction/combustion/pestilence, their multidot is nothing compared to Boom/Afflic/Spriest which comes into play about is half the fights... etc and so forth.

But at the same time, the damage is fine. You can't bring a raid full of hunters/ele/ret's and expect to ever kill will of the emperior heroic, but it is definetly ok to bring a couple specs that can't multidot / +60-80% dpsCleave.

Ele just lacks that OP mechanic factor that can be used to get insane dps that is unobtainable by half the raid because their class lacks that specialty button. The utility though, that's there. Dropping Healing Rains for super scary stuff, lvl75 talents are wowza, stormlash raidwide burst damage effect.
Both specs you've mentioned are sitting in a pretty decent spot. A well played elemental shaman has some pretty sick burst capabilities, and does fairly decently with their over all damage as well, even without set bonuses.

My raid team rolls with a resto shaman and a resto druid typically, and they easily two heal almost all of the current normal mode encounters. We've added in a holy pally as the third healer for heroic modes (previously I was the swing healer, so we were double rshamaning + rdruid for the longest time and were working through content just fine), and it's provided a really nice balance of cooldowns.

Meters and WoL records are highly subjective things when it comes to healing. Tanks tend to take less damage once they get a certain amount of gear, pairing a shaman with a discipline priest versus a resto druid will often yield different final output numbers, and healing assignments vary between groups. Bottom line is, with the new totem and talent changes, resto shaman are sitting in a fairly comfy place. They may not be meter breakers, but an intelligent rshaman who knows how and when to use their cooldowns is a beautiful thing.
12/09/2012 06:02 PMPosted by Glaciationz
Resto is definitely viable. Competitive with other classes? No.

Hilarious. Anyways Rshammies are in a really strong spot atm. Definitely competitive against other healers HPS wise, and stomping them in utility (10m perspective).

In 25 man, I agree completely. In 10 man fights when everyone is stacked up, I also agree. On 10 man fights when people are spread out (most fights in this tier), I do not agree.
I'm Resto/Ele and I am doing excellent healing beside my Holy Pally, Resto Shaman buddies.

We don't do raw numbers in the fight, but we keep the raid alive in a sticky situation
Why do you care how 'good' the class is compared to other classes. If you are a competent player you will be able to raid and progress just as well as every other class. No one will deny you a healing spot as a Rsham or ranged dps if you are Ele because you are a shaman (as long as you know how to play, obv)

I love shamans and love ele. I win dps (or close 2nd/3rd) in almost every fight and have downed 2/6H MV 4/6 HoF

Find something you like playing and make it work - because it will work. Some classes just might be a little easier or straight forward.
If I had to re-choose which specc to play this expansion, it would have been enh or resto; ele isn't very competitive.
the thing with ele is the gear on this tier is kinda iffy for elemental . lots of crit on the gear whcih isnt the best. there's a lack of haste for the most part. so it's difficult ot balance haste and mastery where it should be. but the dps isnt TO bad. its just lower then i expected it to be

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