482 Fury War LF Raid Spot on Alliance Side

I am just coming back and looking for up to 3-4 nights per week starting after 6 (PST). Left in March and have HM full clear experience dating back to Firelands - started raiding during Lich King. I came back in late Oct. and started raiding again two weeks ago and not much happening on Madoran server so transferring one toon to Kil'Jaeden Alliance. I have a 85 dk on the horde side, looking to bring this warrior to alliance. I have excellent raid awareness and can make every night put on calendar as long as it's after 6 (PST). Fun to play with and bring no drama and looking for no drama.

Talking to GM who is a friend of mine this week and transferring Thursday or Friday. After two weeks, only have killed 3 bosses in Mogu and 1 in HoF but have the skills to do full clear with right group. Madoran is dead so looking for good group on good server.
still looking
You should probably go through all the...you know...guild recruitment posts and then go to the various guild websites and apply to guilds there. I don't think any guild will be all super pumped and say "AWW YEAH LOOK AT THOSE TWO PARAGRAPHS SOMEONE WROTE!" and then tell you to join their guild.

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