Converting Honor Points to Justice Points?

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I've been looking on where to do this and I haven't been able to find out how. I'm not sure if you can still, but any help would be appreciated.
You'll want to talk to the Honor Trade Goods vendor in Orgrimmar. His name is Rogoc and he's in the Hall of Legends:

You can spend 375 honor points to buy 250 justice points.
Thank you.
i found it in SW..
02/23/2013 10:16 PMPosted by Maylinmoon
i found it in SW..

In the future if you have a question please make a new thread instead of bumping an old one. It helps the regulars know that someone has a question if it's a new thread so we won't think its a thread someone already answered. In addition bumping old posts can lead to outdated information getting brought to the top.
I actually used this information today - even though it is a very old thread. It comes up high on the Google search function. Having said that, I'm going to bookmark this thread in case I forget again and add that to convert:

Honor Points to Justice Points - See Edlan Halsing in Champion's Hall, which is the entrance/building to the right before you go through the archway to the stables in Old Town.

Justice to Honor Points - See Talric Forthright in the SI:7 Command Center which is the building to the left of the actual stable area in Old Town.

I'm glad to know it can be done because when you turn 90, if you wanted something from Golden Lotus and you don't have enough justice points (you don't get any from dungeons at a certain point) you may think you're out of luck like I did until Google offered THIS thread. It was the most direct out of all I received.
Good to know thank you very much
Thanks for the tip. Have been looking for a decent thread like this for a while
one please make a new thread next time, the games changes often and older threads may contain out dated info.

now onto your question. yes you can, but i am unsure where the alliance vendors for that are, as i am mostly horde.

i believe you can find the vendor for it in the same area you find honor heirlooms.
Thanks guys!
Just a quick update the price has gone up its 500 HP to convert to 250 JP
found this info useful today .. thank you
Useful information should be stickied :P
Hey! nice thread with very current and useful information!

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