Holy Priest Healing. How do YOU do it?*renew*

I have been playing all three priest specs with pretty good success in all of them. I have been disco for a bit of time now, but I am considering the change back to holy as I am joining a raid group (10) with a disc priest in it already.

My question for the good folks of the priest forums is, how do YOU heal in 10 mans as holy?

I have always stayed in aoe shakra and blanket healed the raid while others healers were responsible for spot/tank healing. What I have seen constantly though is people talking about renew topping their charts. The problem however is that I rarely cast it. I am still very successful, but I feel like I am missing out on being the best I can be. Do you pretty much spam renew while in single target chakra on people taking damage? Do you put it on a few and keep refreshing it? Do you save the refreshing for the tanks only? I know the Cascade trick for "aoe" renewing", and I use that accordingly.

Give a fellow priest some tips! How do you use renew specifically in your holy healing?
depends, when i was holy b4 disc got buffed i "stance danced" and kept renew up on tank and refreshed it with heal or cascade, switching to aoe chakra when high aoe damage phases come up.
I heal with a Resto Druid, so I tend to be in Serenity and spend more time single target healing while he does the spot healing. I flip to Sanctuary when we have heavy AoE. Otherwise, Rejuv and Renew / Cascade refresh can really help keep a raid group topped off, and Lightwell covers the crazy moments if someone dips below 50%.
Thanks for the replies so far. I was wondering if anyone who has renew on the top of their heals in raids could chime in with more specifics?
renew is !@#$ty. Holy is %^-*ty. Play disc put out real numbers.
On heroics I go thru a standard rotation of mending, circle, prayer, cascade then a sanctuary...... im at 45% mana...........

holy blows.

Oh I have been playing disc haha, and I know the numbers it can put out. I also have seen first hand what holy can do. While not as strong, I am thinking that holy/disc/shaman may be better than disc/disc/shaman in 10 mans. What are your thought on that? I feel like the other priest and I will be butting heads over rapture on some fights and losing a lot of hps in the process.
Two Disc Priests in a 10 man raid can be too much. Even if you specifically decide who can shield which tank, group, etc, there isn't going to be any boon to two Disc Priests in 10 man.

The last I raided with another Disc Priest was 25 man Heroic Saurfang (and my first time playing Disc). We split the raid in half and proceeded to solely maintain PW: Shield on everyone in the raid to mitigate the physical damage.
I normally tend to keep renew always ticking on at least 3 people throughout an encounter. Always refreshing on the tank(s). You don't want to "spam" renew on any one player, because like any HoT/DoT they are most effective when left to run for the full duration. I use Grid for healing and have it set up as such that when I place Renew on someone it shows as a green dot on their frame. I normally try to have at least 3 ticking at a time. You can blow through mana real quick though trying to blanket the entire raid in renews so use it wisely, and always let it run down to 1-2 sec or wait till it falls off to replace.

I ALWAYS stay in Chakra: Sanctuary. I mostly aoe heal, and always keep PoM up (I have another color on my frames to see who its jumping around to... normally starting on a tank). Keep a Holy Word: Sanctuary on the ground on cd if ppl are stacked. Circle of healing for good burst aoe... I tend to use on cd as well because most of the encounters have pretty consistant incoming raid damage. PoH a person in a group (spam if necessary but will blow your mana quick), throw a Divine Star into a group. I found Divine star the best of the 3, and the most fun to use. Throw your lightwell (spring) down when expecting incoming damage. And do not forget, we basically have a lay on hands now with Void Shift. I normally use on someone who is about to die such as a tank or healer, then immediately follow it up with Desperate Prayer so I don't die (you can probably macro that, I just haven't done it yet). I rarely cast Heal. Ill use a Greater or Flash heal on a low health player or in emergency but I mostly tend to only aoe.

We have incredible potential with healing as Holy, and its a LOT of fun. I am always top on charts in 10 mans (I know.. charts blah blah, but there is some truth to them) and lowest on overheals despite my gear. If you look at my gear I have some pieces that I have "hybridized" to use for shadow as well. 25 mans I tend to be slightly behind but still very strong. Ive only done a few normal 25 man (not lfr) so I can really only speak for 10 mans.

Don't forget to hit your fiend (should be specced for Mindbeder) on cd, use mana trinks on cd, and Hymn of Hope when desperate. If you use them right you should have little to no mana issues.

Good luck and have fun!
For 10 man I would use single target heals and the associated Chakra.

Regular situation:

Things are going smoothly, no worries. Take a sip of soda, or text your friend with one eye on the monitor.

Renew - Keep it running on your target of choice. (Tank usually)

Heal - Use as your main heal, saves your mana and refreshes Renew.

Power Word: Shield - Toss on anyone that needs it, keep using Heal.

Prayer of Healing - When a few of your group is injured, toss a Power Word: Shield on your tank, and take a moment to heal everyone up.

Quick Fixes

When your tank pulls a couple adds, and your NOT tank pulls a extra one.

Binding Heal - Casts faster then Heal, heals for more, heals you AND your target. Great mindless way to make sure you stay alive to blow more mana and pump up your targets HP bar.

Circle of Healing - Instant AoE team heal. Fast way to throw out some bandaids.

Prayer of Mending - Instant "AoE" heal. If you are in a bad situation and use this, it does all its healing quickly and saves some hide.

Holy Word: Serenity - Big, instant heal. Gives you a better chance to get "critical casts" which are VERY handy.

Panic Options

When you think half your team is gonna die.

Divine Hymn - Take a moment for yourself and cast this CHANNEL spell. Don't move, just think what your gonna do in a few seconds when the green bar is gone. In the meantime, watch everyone's HP bar jump up nicely. It makes you feel good for a moment.

Guardian Spirit - When someone is about to die, and you need a moment to
A. Get more mana, or
B. Heal someone else. or
C. Heal them again.
Use this and it will buy you a moment to stop the bleeding.

Fear - Scare those dummies away from you, show them your hideous face, or your @$$ and send em running for the hills.


Lightwell - Use this at the start of boss fights. Or other mass encounters. Straightforward.

Flash Heal - Wait to use this until it is a "Crit Spell" At which time it is INSTANT cast, and requires NO mana.

Greater Heal - Same concept as Flash Heal, but it will require LESS mana, and cast FASTER.

I feel for 10 people, or less (even 15) you should focus on single target healing. In mass raids or battlegrounds going the AoE route is not a bad idea though.
Thanks for sharing your styles guys. I am going to take some bits and pieces from you guys and try it out. thanks!
First of all always remember holy priest single target healing is not amazing. Most of time you will be using Chakra: Sanctuary. That means , pom+coh+poh will be the spell u casting most along with your T6 talent if your raid is dropping low. Renew is only useful when someone is taking constant moderate damage such as tanks taking damage from dots (exp: msv dogs). Other than that renew will provide a lot of overhealing because other healers such as shammy and hpally will heal the tank to full and you are wasting your mana. But still it is useful if you put on a raid member that got windstep.

But still there are a few fights you need to switch to Chakra: Serenity during the fight, such as will of the emperor, tsulong , lei shi.
I'm not a pro or anything, but depending on the encounter, I change Chakra state throughout said fight. If there is a period of time with no aoe healing, but there is single target damage, I throw down a Sanc (because it still heals even if you change your chakra state) and then I swap to Serenity and keep it up on the tanks or whoever's taking the single target damage (I think Will of the Emperor would be a good example?). I also do that for Tsulong. For me that's only in LFR but I will/would do the same thing for normal mode. I'd have to see Lei Shi on normal... can't figure that fight out lol it's hit or miss for me.

I toss up Renews to help out when it's low or moderate single target damage going out, I try to avoid actually using single target heals unless its just absolutely necessary, except in the case where I actually swap chakra state. I won't go into a TL;DR. My heals vary...because like I said right now it's only LFR for me. Usually PoM, CoH, Cascade, and Echo are my highest heals. PoH sometimes, Then DH, Lightspring, whatever else. No idea if I'm doing it right or not. I want to do normal so bad but it probably won't be half as good as lfr :(

But it looks to me like whatever you're doing is working out extremely well in both specs because of all the fights you've logged your way above anyone else (@raidbots and WoL), I don't know why you're asking for tips! I'd kill to be in the 100th percentile or even constantly in the 90s (not literally of course).

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