This just in:

it was intended as a nerf to totems. Now that they do things (not just buffs) they were hard to counter.

Totem never did anything except buff before this expansion. I guess I've been playing my shaman wrong for the past 5 years.
Because taking down a stick in the ground that has 5hp is hard to counter.

Screw you Blizzard.
I don't even play a Shaman and this Totem BS Blizz is pulling is pissing me the !@#$ off.
Any pvper that is any good has a totem stomp macro....Even mediocre ones can tab target easily enough.

Whatever I guess, I don't pvp anymore anyways, but this totem crap is getting ridiculous. I will say it again: SLT and HTT share an internal cd, say 15 seconds or so, make totems physical again, maybe make SLT delay for (3?) seconds before activating as to not gimp pve and give pvpers a chance to counter, and this would all be taken care of. Resto was the damn problem, not ele or enh.

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