Exalted with your Sister LF heals w/dps!

1/6 heroic MSV 4/6 HoF 3/4 ToES
Looking for a heals with dps spec. Prefer a shammy but open to others! Raid times are tues/thurs/sun 730-11p Leave a reply here, or msg in game!
bumpity bump!

Would love a Pally or DK tank, and a resto shammy or a mistweaver with a strong dps offspec!
^^ Looking to get going Tuesday the 18th, Still looking for a second tank, (or possibly a melee dps instead shammy/rogue) And a heals with the dps offspec, shammy/monk/druid. PST In game
^^ Just need a heals with a dps off spec now

Shaman/monk/druid PST In game!
Still looking for a heals w/dps !
Add 3/4 ToES

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