Best alt for WW Monk PvPer?

I play WW monk now as main and I really do enjoy it but I wanted a second class to play. Before MoP i played hunter but I really dislike hunter now and refuse to play BM etc. So im stuck between leveling my enhance shaman or deathknight. I played unholy dk most of s11 but I don't know much about enhance it just seems fun. So what do you guys think?

-Not really telling you to magically pick for me just give me some pros and cons for each one etc.
forever alone =(
I like to play a DK as an Alt due to the movement increase while mounted (he's my gatherer), and because I refuse to play a Paladin. I also use him to do PvE content (Some gear for disenchants), something that I don't do on my Monk. It's a good DPS/Tank to have around Imo.

Never played a shaman to tell you anything.
ah I only PvP really but I played unholy dk a lot in season 11. It sucks that warriors are just overpowering other melee which is why ppl like playing with them but enhance shammy just has awesome offheals and nice utility from totems.
Well, with the current state of the PvP in MoP I rather don't do it in two chars... Lol :p That's why I keep one for PvP and other for PvE (Basically a gold maker, but whatever...). The totens are indeed pretty useful, but the off heals? I believe shamans do the same as monks... Either you DPS or you Heal (Doing both is possible and might be effective, but takes time to get used to it and learn it properly).. It's hard to do both (Although with some skill as a monk you can do it more easilty than in an ench shaman, since there're no castable skills unless you choose them). Anyway, shaman seens funny, but I'm not really into the class mechanics (I got used to the dynamical fights of a monk... lol).

Warriors are indeed strong, but completely manageable now.. You might have a bad time dealing with them as a shaman if you don't use the correct totens. (The root ones and Stun are probably your best friends here). As far as I've seen from shamans on PvP during BG's, those totens might help you survive a lot, but you must always keep them in range to trully benefit from them. This can be... Troublesome for you at some point.
Enhance shaman heals way more than WW monk they get a proc for an instant heal, hex or lightning.
12/10/2012 03:47 AMPosted by Mustañg
Enhance shaman heals way more than WW monk they get a proc for an instant heal, hex or lightning.

Okay this I didn't know. LOL! Explains a lot tbh. The proc rate is high? If it is reliable, then it seens good to give it a try. Anyway, the gameplay is quite different from the DK and from Monks, and that's good. :D
Dk has always been a great class to me, specifically unholy i love the pets utility, the cc and the pressure.
Yeah that's truth, but for now Unholy DK's aren't that great anymore... The pet can really be annoyning, but I haven't seen many Unholy DK's nowadays in PvP. I personally can't say about their viability, but they sure have dropped a lot this season in terms of used spec.
Frost is the main pvp spec atm sadly.
12/10/2012 05:01 AMPosted by Mustañg
Frost is the main pvp spec atm sadly.

Yes it is! But between a DK and a Shaman, I must admit that I personally like DK's more due to the idea they have, the lore... I identify myself much more with them than with shamans.
And PvP Wise, it's also rare to see Ench shamans around! Most of the shamans I've met are Resto... Although I see more Ench than Ele shamans, haha.
Regardign the Unholy DK, I don't know if their damage is low (which I doubt), but I believe that they require more "work" to put it out, while Forst is... Hit 1. hit 2, hit 3 and repeat on the rotation (sort of...).

another monk ^_^
re-roll mage, cast frost bomb, run off, hide and laugh when it nearly one shots them. rinse and repeat
!@#$ mage

another monk ^_^

Good suggestion Reqy, ummm sorry if I'm not correct but this is Finalrequiem yes??

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