Elem sham punching bag?

I've played multiple elemental shamans. I really enjoy leveling this class, but I want to get this one to 90. However, I can't believe the influx of PVP that I have endured getting to my current level. Something about me specifically must be obscene or that elemental shaman are the punching bag of the horde. I have multiple high level characters, at this moment, one 90, but two others not far off, not including this character. I had yet to endure the hardship of living. Maybe I should've prefaced this with the fact that I am not a pvper. I don't like it, never have been, always try and avoid it. I just want to play the game, generally without other people. But man, I have never been griefed this hard by so many different players in so many different areas of the game. So my question is this: do opposing factions find elemental shaman and purposefully beat the crap out of the player morally? I'm frustrated dying to all the time other characters that aren't even in the equipment bracket (ie 79 DK keeps killing me in Hyjal, can't do anything in response because he always gets the drop on me, kills me too fast. I have cata gear, he doesn't, and yet, I lose all the time.)
Is this the first toon you've leveled through old content during MoP? Because with the old content going cross-realm, ganking on pvp servers is completely out of control right now. Not just for elemental shaman, all lowbies are getting wrecked.

That said, I have noticed that people tendt to zerg lowbie pandas in particular, so you may be feeling some extra special hate on account of your race, not your class.
I like the female pandas, since they have the smoothest fight animations so far. Male pandas...you're just going to die. :)

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