How do I weapon up as Enh. Shammy?

So I did the Arena of Annihilation, and I gave the quest award to my resto spec so I can run dungeons. But now I've decided I like running Enh. Shaman more. Problem is... I only have 429 dual weapons. And been running scenarios and not getting lucky.

Is there any place I can spend JP or VP to get some weapons to get me up to 450+? Or cash less than 5000G on the AH for a deluxe weapon? Doesn't look like BS makes one for shammies.
I would suggest attempting a few of the heroics that drop 450+ IT weapons. You might have to use a mixture of fist, mace, and axe. You can find the dungeons that drop these weapons in the in-game dungeon thing-y.

I know heroic Shado-Pan Monastery has an epic fist weapon. Good luck!
VP mace with Klaxxi honored iirc
Shado-Pan monastery has two weapons, one elite. Then there is the Brewery, and one other (Jade Temple?), that drop the 463s.
458 mace from Klaxxi for JP.
I'm not seeing the JP or VP mace when I go to the Klaxxi... and I am honored. There is a mace that requires Exalted with Klaxxi. It sells for gold.

Guess I'll have to queue as just DPS for the Shado-Pan Monastery (*shudder*).
Yeah... no idea where people are pulling the weapons from Klaxxi below exalted, I'd suggest just doing heroic mogu'shan palace and shado-pan monastery repeatedly. Be warned, some jerk mistweaver monk will steal the epic weapon from you so I wouldn't put much faith in getting it...
I used the fists out of Niuzao Temple and Mogu'shan Palace.
srry thought klaxxi vp mace was revered
Shado'Pan epic fist>Niuzao Temple fist>Brewery Mace>Shado'Pan axe>Mogu'shan fist iirc. so you have 4 dungeons that drop 463+ weapons. also, Klaxxi mace is gold, not VP or JP iirc

You can get this by killing all 6 of the Makura elites around Pandaria, then using the item you get from that to summon the last Makura who drops this.(you must be in enhance spec when you do it)

Here's a link to the item that summons him, from there you can find links to the location of the 6 elites:
Thanks for all the advice! Time to start rare hunting while alternately queuing for heroics and scenarios.

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