How the hell I meant to do this without 2 raid weapons + a bunch of other epics?

Besides the fact I need to sustain about 90k, I can't even survive the stupid eye laser without dying eventually, not to mention the random mine that explodes from 8 yards away and kills me


I know I need to re min-max my reforges, but I lost my reforgelite settings in the patch and I'm not that close, plus I can't even live to the enrage anyway.
Get gear.

That's pretty much what will make your life better.
Get a decent weapon and go arms. Pray for a series of TfB procs and hope you can beat the enrage.
I doubt I could even survive without glyphed bloodthirst, also I can't tell if berserker is worth it or not
Battletron is a dps test fight, and it's meant to be. You need 80k+ to beat him.

Second wind + bloodthirst will keep you alive, just pop a few def cooldowns to survive blowing up 3 or so of his first orbs.

Took me many tries, but my sustained dps was a little over 80k, and that was just barely enough, the flames had just started falling.

If you could do every fight with mediocre gear, everyone would just blow through it.

If you think Battletron is some of the rank 8 fights...those are brutal. I have 1/4 rank 8 bosses down having defeated Zen'Shar, again just barely before enrage/flames killed me. All the other 3 my dps is not high enough. Gear is the answer to those.

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