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Area 52
Hi. My husband and I are looking to join a guild in which we can raid. He is a Mistweaver. I am Arcane. Weekend raids would be ideal. His item level is 483, mine is 480. We have 4/6 experience in normal MSV. We try to stick together, but would consider separate guilds as not everyone is seeking both a caster and a healer. Our only request is that you keep any drama to yourself and be at least at the same level as us progression-wise. Please feel free to message us in game if you think you may have a spot for us. The first a in my name is alt-0226. I am usually on most of the day. My husband's main is Wansu. He's generally on in the evenings, after 5pm central time. Thank you for your time and consideration.
We are seeking a healer for our core 10 man. We raid fri/sat @ 11pm ST

We have 2 mages already but could use an alternate. We r also putting together a 2nd team that u could be a part of.

Add me in game to chat about it.

Realid is Gunsrus@echodsi.com
Bump...I'm still in search of a good raiding guild. Minimum 4/6 MSV progression and limited BS are my main requests. Weekend raids would be a good bonus.
<Erogenous> is a small, friendly, casual guild on Area 52. We are in need of a few people to help us get over the hurdle we are stuck at and move forward. We are currently 4/6 MSV and would love to be further, just need experienced help.

We are short the following:

Off-Tank...would prefer a pally, warrior, or monk
Heals...We are looking to fill one spot for sure and would prefer a druid or shammy, with dps offspec, there is a chance that another spot will open.
Ranged DPS...We are looking to replace one of our raiders, and would love a warlock

What we really need is a true raid lead that can help us out.

Raid team right now consists of the following:
Blood DK
Frost DK
Shadow Priest
Holy Priest*

* are the possible spots that will/might open

Raid Nights are Wed/Thurs from 8-11:30pm server time.

Again, this is a great group of guys that would love to move further in progression. We just need the help of a real raid lead and solid players that will commit.

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