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I keep casting Sacred Shield before its time is over and resetting it. So I'm guessing its giving me another 6 seconds of no shield. Is there a way to force a cooldown on the macro to 30 seconds so I can't recast and reset it?
No, macros are not allowed to make spellcasting decisions based on time delay or spell cooldowns. Blizzard expects you to pay attention to these things yourself. You could get some sort of notification addon such as PowerAuras, WeakAuras, etc... to alert you to the status of your Sacred Shield so you can be more aware of its status.
Recasting and overwriting the Sacred Shield doesn't create of gap of 6 seconds without the shield anyway. Since Sacred Shield scales with attack power you'll want to overwrite the buff whenever you gain a significant increase to attack power. For protection pally it's good to recast after taking a large hit because damage taken turns into Vengeance, boosting attack power making Sacred Shield more powerful. Just don't treat it like the DK does Death Strike. You don't need to be recasting this all the time.

An addon to track Sacred Shield on you is a good idea, but you might also want to track your attack power so you know when is a good time to overwrite.

So overwrite Sacred Shield when you have an increase to attack power. Let it fall off and recast if you don't.
Thanks, I'll look and see what addon can alert me of vengeance.
what macros are people using to keep sacred shield up?

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