[H] <Ferrum Phoenix> 10M LF Ranged H-Modes

<Ferrum Phoenix> is a group of experienced gamers intent on end game progression. All members are twenty-one years of age or older with demanding outside lives (jobs, kids, university, what have you). Nonetheless, we require high performance and the utmost attention during our raid times. Currently, we're looking for more raiders that want to compete for our core team Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Sun 8:30 - 11:30 p.m. Server Time. In particular,

RDPS: Mage, Boomkin, S'priest

Progression (as of June 29):


Normal: 12/12
Heroic: 5/13

MV: 6/6 N
HoF: 6/6 N
ToES: 4/4 N

<FP> Does not like to hold our raider's hands during raid times. We expect members to display the utmost knowledge of both their class and raid encounters. Presently looking to fill spots quickly to continue heroic Throne of Thunder progression. We expect prospective applicants to perform well as well as have experience with some heroic encounters in 5.2.

Ferrum Phoenix is not the place for you if are:
-Under 18.
-Prone to long stints of inactivity.
-A chronic AFKer (or DCer).
-Incapable of working in a team environment.

Raid positions are looking to be filled; however, we're accepting all applicable inquiries to our ranks. Feel free to reply here, or whisper Comanchief, Nuketech, Siixx, or Drogas in-game.
Sup Chief!
Name: Oxhorns
Spec: Prot-tank
i have 6/6msv and 1/6hof exp as off tank

Friiend of mine also seeking a guild
Name: Sclavus
Spec: Spriest
he has 6/6 msv exp

send mail or reply below
Hey Ox,

Nice to meet you. You and your buddy fit the profile of what we need perfectly. Glad to see you have previous experience. I'll be contacting you in-game via mail or whisper to answer any more questions you may have, or you may post them here.

Hope to be adding a couple more committed raiders to our ranks :).

Bump for a Ranged and Heal.
Bump for a hunter or mage :).
Bump, for more pvp-oriented players! :)
Always looking for potential raiders and active socialites!
Das Boots!
Lookin' for a strong, reliable ranged.
Join at your own risk. Bunch of hooligans who don't know the quality of players and talents that gquit due to improper management.

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