A few Mistweaver QoL changes (pvp)

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Increase the healing effect in combat its alot of fun healing while beating on things :) but other then glyphd auto targetting heals simply increase their combat ability :) otherwise so far I have no issues :)
A blue post in a class forum.
On the monk forum.
Oh my.

I'm watching you, Wazowski. Always watching. Always.

So, you better not pout, better not cry, better not shout I am telling you why
Nah every healer is supposed to be able to last for a short but definite length of time against 2 dps without peels

I've honestly never met a healer, of any class, that could last very long with me and someone else on him unless he gets peels.

It is just that a MW tanking 2 dps has to do some weird heal sphere spam under his feet or he is gonna die faster than most. I really just want an easier way to cast this spell if it is truly intended to be the last resort. Targeting this damn thing while also trying to move and mix in other spells is an ergonomic/keyboard nightmare.

Just make a button so a heal sphere casts next to you without the stupid targeting and expand the radius for heal spheres usage so that my MW mastery does not feel so completely worthless at clutch times if nobody is moving much, or moving away from the spheres. I mean how many MW monks are spec'd into mastery in pvp? Mastery is supposed to be the awesome enhancement of a class defining quality.
Just in case people are still unaware of the solution for casting Renewing Mist while mounting, you can simply make a macro to fix that.

/cast Renewing Mist

After coming across this problem on my monk I realized I couldn't wait for an update on it.

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