Vita Obscura - Caelestrasz is recruiting

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Vita Obscura is currently recruiting dps and healers. A little about us...

We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 8-11 server time (25 man)
On Friday, Saturday and Monday if we have the right group and enough people, we clean up what is left for the week in 10 man raids.

We are a no-nonsense guild who doesn't tolerate or put up with drama. If you like drama, you won't last here long. We aren't a world top 100 guild and don't pretend to be however we want you to come prepared for raids. This includes knowing the fight and having things you need whether it be flasks or whatever.

If you don't have professions leveled or can't be bothered to gem and enchant your gear, then don't waste your time.

If you are interested in seeing what we are about head to Register an account and drop an app and we will get back to you as soon as someone looks at your app! If you want to talk to someone in game, send a tell to Irys, Jetfoo, Cmoo, Tanksforyou or the lovable, very friendly Nessala!
Bump 'cause ness is slack, also 3 heroics down almost 4!
Up up, to the top!
Bump, heroic spirit kings almost dead! Recruiting pro heals (preferably AoE heals), feral druid and a monk, get in now!
To ze top!
Bump! Still recruiting pro healers, feral druid and a monk, get in now to secure your spot for 5.2 and beyond!
Bump for the long weekend and a new website coming soon!
Where art thou healers and monk dps
Bump for heroic blade-lord! Need healers!
Bump for heroic spirit kings, need healers pref a holy priest, resto sham and monk!
Late bump for heroic elegon! Need geared healers ready to jump into heroic content and maybe a feral druid/monk dps!
5/6H 1/6H 4/4N need more players for 5.2

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