<Dishonored>4/6hm 16/16 Normal - LF All

Area 52
<Dishonored> is currently looking for all players that need a place to call home. We are a raiding guild with a good size casual player base as well.

Currently we have 4, 10 Man raids going on, they progress Varies, and is listed below

Team Too High: 4/6hm 16/16Norm

Team CMSU: 16/16Norm

Team WC: 1/6HM 14/16Norm

Team LNC: 7/16 Normal

The Teams vary on raid times, but we are always looking for skilled players, socials, and pvpers

If you would like to try for a raiding position please go to dishonored.guildlaunch.com and apply

If you would like to join as a social or PVP'er please see any member for an invite.

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