We're still looking for the above classes.
Only looking for a Resto Shaman and a Rogue now.
We're looking for a Rogue only.
Change of plans, we're looking for a Feral Druid only.
We now have some positions open for application.
Recruitment needs have been updated. We are recruiting:
- Hunter or Warlock.
- S-Priest (preferred), Elemental Shaman or Balance Druid.
- Resto Druid, Priest Healer and/or Holy Paladin.
We are now also recruiting one melee DPS.
We still have a number of positions open.
A number of positions are available.
Still Looking for a Priest healer?
We have three spots open for DPS.
A few spots are still open.
We're still looking for three DPS to fill our team.
We have a number of spots still open.
We have a few spots still open for application.
Spots open.
Spots still open.
I have changed around the recruitment needs. We will now take a Resto Shammy instead of a Boomy/Ele/S-Priest if one is looking for a guild and is interested in us.

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