TANK needed for 10M raiding! (ally)

What we need A Tank (Warrior, Brewmaster, PLD) but will consider all offers. Must have a headset be willing to communicate with others through Mumble. We don't need any shy, chat-only types.

Raid Schedule: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs 7:30/9:30pm (EST) to 12:00/12:30am. We are considering taking out Wed for Sun.

Progression: We are 6/6 MSV (duh.) and 6/6 HoF and 3/4 ToES (hah, toes...).

About us:About half of the group has been raiding together since Pre-BC and the rest we've picked up along the way. We recently transfered to Tich from Shandris (horde). We are a rag-tag bunch of tackless !@#$%^-s who love nothing more than ridiculing eachother at any given oportunity. That being said, anyone senstive to race, sexual preference, sex, etc will likely not fit in here as we welcome and hate you all equally. As mentioned above the vast majority of guild activity (farming olds raids, pvp, transmog) is coordinated through Mumble and as such anyone not comfortable with voice chat will feel left out.

Who to contact: Gorehowl, Soysos, Schittybear, Biscosity, Splank, really anyone in our guild is capable of relaying the message to us.

For the Horde! wait...

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